Kylie Price

New Zealand songstress Kylie Price's music falls somewhere in between deeply emotional lyricism and appealing hooks, making for a sound that feels introspective, yet easy to relate to.

Kylie’s recent release, Bones, marks the artist’s return to the scene since her well-received 2014 release, “Wanderer // Wonderer”.

Her 2017 return to the studio showcases a newfound sense of direction, which further affirm Kylie’s sonic footprint while bringing something new to the table, where the lightness of pop converges with the intimacy of indiefolk in a very special way.

While Bones remains an understated collection of songs, it also sounds as ambitious as anything Kylie has ever put out, showcasing the drive of an artist with a desire to share her songs with a broader audience.

The EP is already generating song positive attention: hitting the IMNZ Album charts at #3 & the NZ Album Charts at #8.

Find out more about Kylie Price and listen to “Bones” on the links above.